Kitchen Remodeling

Remodels take time, and not just because of the construction part. We like to emphasize to our clients that they need to take time to fully consider every aspect of the remodel. From the budget to the finishing touches like light switch covers, details are the crucial part of any remodeling project.

First and foremost, we ask our clients to consider the timeline on their kitchen remodel. We like to ensure that clients are aware that custom built cabinets can take months to be built and shipped, as well as materials like stone and granite. Once the design is completely developed and materials, finishes, and other details are chosen, we’ll begin the process.

Custom Designs

Every home has it’s own style, whether it be Greek Revival or a Cape Cod-style home, Simmons understands the diversity of homeowners needs. Our skilled professionals will put their best efforts into delivering a smooth layout that matches your homes previous style, as well as your preferences for things like flooring, paint, fixtures, and appliances.

Space Saving Solutions

No matter how much storage is currently in your home, it never seems to be enough to fit life’s endless odds and ends. When Simmons designs a home addition for your family, we take full advantage of the space that we have available to use. If there is a way to incorporate functional storage into your beautiful expansion, we’ll make it happen.

Create Your Space

Whether you’re looking to expand out or up, you’re creating a new space for you and your family to enjoy. We’ll work together to create an area that you love to be in and that you can’t imagine your home without.